The Crayons

The 80's was a decade full of high points in my musical career.

"The Crayons" provided me with some of the best times and most fun of my life.

For almost a decade I worked as a singer/musician in a touring pop/rock/r&b band called "The Crayons". Formed in 1979, we started out as a part-time cover band playing "new wave"/pop music in high schools and the college circuit, and ended up a professional full-time unit playing a mix of original and cover material in universities, clubs, arenas... the full gamut of venues.

We appeared on the 1981 Share Chez album with a song written by our drummer, Bob Bangs called, "It's Too Bad About Charlie", which received a lot of airplay.

The first two or three years of the band were more fun than I would have thought possible. Who would have imagined that I would get paid to do something I loved so much to do.

Over the years, we moved stylistically from pop to rock to R&B. The music was fun and exciting. The audiences were great.

There were other aspects to life on the road that became somewhat less tolerable... cheesy hotels, bad food, involuntary sleep deprivation experiments, encounters with mutant life-forms bent on the destruction of civilization as we know it and of course, alien abductions. I guess that's where all those blues songs came from.

We played all over Ontario, Quebec and upper New York State. Based in Ottawa, the original lineup consisted of myself on vocals and guitar, Derek Jeffrey (guitar, vocals), Richard Nash (bass, vocals) and Bob Bangs (drums, vocals).