I still make music... in my home studio, with a bunch of guitars, my PC, a Yamaha AW4416 Digital Audio Workstation, MIDI keyboards and other gear. Playing guitar beats almost anything else as a stress-reliever.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty but music is the best".

Here's a list of a few of my Favourite Artists and Groups:


Jeff Beck

Eric Clapton

Thomas Dolby

Bela Fleck

Godley & Creme

Imogen Heap

Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders

Cyndi Lauper

Little Feat

Pat Metheny Group

Harry Nilsson

Todd Rundgren

Jane Siberry

Flo & Eddie / The Turtles

Frank Zappa

Are you interested in singing, playing, writing songs or just discussing music?

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Jamming in Havana

with Mark and Howard

(Flo & Eddie/The Turtles)

at Epcot

photo courtesy of Roger Smith.