When I decided to dedicate a web page to Harry Nilsson, one of my all-time favourite singer/songwriters, I couldn't think of a more fitting tribute than this message from Jim Russell. It was originally posted to the I-Link Rock n' Roll conference back in January of 1994 along with a discography.

Here is Jim's message:

BBS: Synapse BBS

Date: 01-21-94 (13:02)



Conf: (925) L-RockRoll

Subj: Nilsson

I don't know where I'm going

Now that I am gone

I hope the wind that's blowing

Helps me carry on

Turn on your radio, baby

Listen to my song

Turn on your night light, baby

Baby, I'm gone

- Harry Nilsson

As many of you know by now, Harry is, indeed, gone. Strangely enough, was in the midst of preparing a Nilsson discography for Doug Grose when I heard about it, prompted by a thread here in ILink RockAndRoll. This discography follows for those interested. If anyone has any additions, I would love to hear from you. Harry was a major talent at his peak, and I mourn his passing. Listening to the records is still a treat, though.

For the most complete discography and the best Harry Nilsson site on the web go to HarryNilsson.com.