All wood is 1" x 3" I used pine... it worked okay.

I have built racks for 5, 7 and 9 guitars -  only the length of the cross bars changes... here are the lengths

5 guitars - 38" cross bars

7 guitars - 54" cross bars

9 guitars - 70" cross bars

For a 7-guitar rack, you'll need:

3 x 54" lengths of 1" x 3"

2 x 28" lengths of 1" x 3"

2 x 20" lengths of 1" x 3"

2 x 8" lengths of 1" x 3"

I also used 1/2 inch dowel cut into 4" lengths. For 7 guitars you'll need 14 pieces.

The cushion material is foam tube pipe insulation.

You'll need a bunch of screws and some wood glue.

Tools: A drill, a screwdriver.

      For a 7-guitar rack:

1. Start by taking the 20" floor base supports (the "feet" of the stand)  and drilling pairs of holes in  both of them as shown. Measure center-to-center starting 2" from the left.

2. Next take a crossbar and glue and screw the end onto the floor support. Do the same at the other end. The base of the stand is now complete

3. Add the 8" support piece to the inside of the base,

Looking down at it from back to front - the base should look like this.

4. Take the remaining crossbar and starting 4.5" from the left, drill 1/2" holes for the dowels alternately spacing them 3" and 4.5" center-to-center. Glue the 4" dowel pieces into the holes.

5. Next place the 28" uprights on top of the 20" floor base supports and attach them to the 8" supports with glue and screws as shown on the right (or to make the unit easier to move or store, use wing nuts and bolts, so the upright pieces can be removed).

6. Place the crossbar with the dowels between the 2 uprights on an angle as shown and either bolt them into placce or glue and screw them.

7. Split the foam tube insulation and slide it on top of all the crossbars. Then cut 4" pieces and slide them onto the dowels. It should look something like the picture below: