Whale watching

Late August of 1993, my brother, Derrick, and I left Ottawa at midnight on a whirlwind trip to Tadoussac, Quebec, to go whale watching. The area is shown within the yellow rectangle on the satellite map.

It was a great adventure. After driving all night, we arrived at the mouth of the Saguenay River. From high atop the cliffs, you can see white Beluga whales swimming at the mouth of the river.

The watch is a three hour cruise on the St. Lawrence River from the Saguenay River north east and then back again.

From the outset, you get to see plenty of marine life. Seals, beluga whales and later, further up the river, larger species like Minke whales.

We saw quite a few... but no really big ones like finbacks or blue whales.

There is an knowledgable guide on board the boat, spotting and describing the various whales. There are a number of companies providing this service in the area, ranging from large-scale tours to small groups in Zodiac boats. A thoroughly exciting and enjoyable time.

The Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is another area frequented by whales. It is shown in the green rectangle on the satellite image. June, 1995, Allison, and I went to St. Andrews, New Brunswick and took a cruise with Cline Marine. As well as seeing some eaglets in a nest and porpoises leaping from the water, we saw a very large finback. We only saw the one whale... but it was up close and huge.