I was born in Montreal in the Year of the Tiger, the month of the Tiger... a very good time to be born. My only recollection from my early childhood was that there was always music playing in our home - the radio or those scratchy old '78s. There was always music... and laughter.

My brother, Don was born in 1953. From birth he seemed to be bigger, stronger and more agile than I was. He was a born athlete and excelled in sports. We moved to Trenton, Ontario where I started school. In 1956, my parents got a television set. Rock n'roll was bursting onto the scene. I was six. I saw Elvis on television. I knew what I wanted to do... I wanted to be Elvis Presley (It wasn't until sometime later that I discovered that it didn't exactly qualify as a job description.). It wasn't who he was that fascinated me... it was what he did - the sound and the movement.

As a devotee of television, I became a big fan of cartoons and the people who made drawings move - Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Walter Lantz, Chuck Jones, Hanna-Barbera. I started drawing my own cartoons. A lifelong passion for art was born. Salvador Dali was a major inspiration.

Our next move was to Ottawa where my brother Derrick was born. I decided the only thing I could do better than my brothers was be the oldest, so I stuck with it. By the time I was twelve, I became aware of paleontology, the study of fossils. I also became a hardcore fan of Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen, men who brought dinosaurs "to life" in the movies using stop-motion animation techniques.