In 1963 I pieced together a radio from parts of broken ones. It had no case or fancy dials, but in the dark of my room, late at night, the tubes would glow eerily and using a set of WWII earphones, I would hear radio signals from far away stations like WBZ in Boston or WKBW in Buffalo. One night, Bruce Bradley (WBZ) debuted some songs by a new group from England called The Beatles.

I was converted.

For the remainder of my life I would be a pop music fanatic. When I saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time, I knew I wanted to be in a group. I wanted to sing and play guitar in a band. A year later I was doing exactly that.

After 1964, groups like The Beatles and The Turtles became my musical role models and I devoted much of my time to musical endeavours in one form or another. It was during a recording session for CBC radio in Whitehorse, that I thought being a radio announcer might be a cool thing to do... so I tried that. I liked it, too.