In 1979 I met three musicians with whom I would form The Crayons, a band that was to last for over a decade and would become my most successful musical endeavour, both artistically and financially. It was while I was "on the road" that I became acquainted with computers - first as an amusement and later as a tool for keeping records and creating promotional material and eventually writing music. When I acquired my first modem, I became "connected to the world". The real fun began.

In 1994, I began working at Data Kinetics Limited, my first job in "high tech", first as a network technician, then as a multimedia design specialist. I worked on the company websites, graphics and computer-based and web-based training.

At the present... The Crayons Interactive is a "new media / web design / technology" company.

I still play guitar and I still like The Turtles.

The "jump" from the music business to a career in multimedia has been a smooth transition. It occurs to me that computers have provided a synthesis of all of my interests over the span of my life. Drawing, painting, movies, television, radio, music and technical things... graphics, animation, voiceover work, music, sound effects and the production of these things.

Someone once said that "opportunity knocks but once." Based on my own experience, I think it knocks repeatedly and constantly. Life is motion and change. There is always another brass ring to go for. Time to reinvent myself again.