My family moved from the Yukon to Germany in 1968. In my eighteen years, we had moved eight times.

I immediately formed a band, The East India Tea Company, with some fellow Canadians, but within months I joined a prominent German pop group called I.F.E. United. It was an incredible experience both culturally and socially.

The next two years sped by, in part because I forsook the bicycle that had been my main source of transport since I was a child and replaced it with a motorcycle, a 1953 DKW.

After two years, many adventures with my German friends, nine motorcycle accidents and a lifetime's worth of memories, I returned to Canada and settled in Ottawa to attend university. I played my guitar a lot and dreamed of again being in a band.

After a year I was out of university and into the first of a series of jobs that held little interest for me and a succession of musical groups that experienced marginal success at best. By 1979, I had been a musician, a shipping clerk, a cartographer, a filing clerk, a construction worker, a researcher, a furniture assembler, a building superintendent and a law clerk.